The rescue is run by Jannette Heritage from her semi-detached home in Radford, Coventry. Jan started the rescue by rehoming dogs for friends but then decided to quit her full time job at a kennels to focus on dogs in need. At the start Jan mainly took in dogs that other rescues would not as they were difficult and were going to be put down. Obviously Jan could not let this happen and so took them in and through lots of training and hard work she has managed to give them the life they deserve. She works with pound pullers and other rescues to ensure that no happy dog is put down.  The rescue is completely non-profitable and gets no funds from the government. All funds come form the generous donations of the public and from Jan working four nights a week as a taxi driver to help pay for the care of the dogs. With help form her friend Jackie, who looks after the dogs while she is working, and voluenteers she has managed to rehome over 500 dogs within the past 11 years! Many of the dogs we take in have been abandoned by their owners or can not be afforded any more. Some have come from horrible backgrounds and need a bit of time to rehabilitate. We work to ensure each dog finds a forever loving home by training, socailizing and giving lots of TLC to every dog in our care. To see the dogs we have up for adoption go to the Adopt  page and if you would like how you could help out then take a look at our  Donate  page.