Adopt a dog

Oh no! All of our dogs have been adopted or are waiting to go to their new homes.

Information coming soon 
These dogs are currently either under accessment, training or neutering so are not ready to be adopted just yet. Visit our Facebook page for more upto date information on these dogs 


Raffles is a beautiful Husky who has come into the rescue through no fault of his own. He has however, a few neglect issues we need to fix up with some TLC before he can be put up for adoption. Raffles has come in with a lot of fleas living on his body, an ear infection and full, uncomfortable anal glands. He is also very skinny due to being under fed so every bone in his body can be felt as well as having some hair loss around his neck from his awful choke chain collar. Despite all this he is such a sweet, loving and trusting boy and will have no issues in finding a good home once ready. Join our Facebook group for updates on Raffles condition and recovery!