Jan's Dog Rescue

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Donate, funraise and much more
Running a dog rescue with 18+ dogs is difficult. 18 dogs to feed, water, bed, chew toys and clean up after. Jan works weekend nights as a taxi driver to keep up with the cost of the dogs but this is not always enough as suprise vet bills can pop up with dogs needing operations costing hundreds of pounds. This is where we need your help. With your donations we can buy the dogs new toys, take them to training classes, ensure that all vet bills can be paid and improve their lives and chances of being re-homed. Even if you cannot donate there are plenty of other options such as funrasing, spreading the word, fostering, voulenteering and much more. Even if you just have a few blankets or dog toys to give it will be much appreciated by Jan and the dogs. If you would like to help in anyway please contact Jan.